Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boxing Day Xmas Recap

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time: Spent the entire holiday inside my bunker, huddled around the space heater. Did not set foot outside for over 36 hrs., although, w/ a nastily cold wind providing cross-ventilation for once, I did open the door a couple of times to air out the dump. Now that's a day off!!

Looks as if the terrorists your gov'ts. want you to fear have failed again.

UK cities at risk of BOXING DAY terror attack - and what to do if ISIS strikes

BRITISH revellers hoping for a Boxing Day bargain could be at risk of an Islamic State (ISIS) terror attack.

You people are such fucking chickenshits; every one of you pants-pissing fraidy-cats deserves to have his or her pathetic fears come true in a painful death. Decapitation, maybe.

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Unknown said...

I AM a lawyer and I don't think you can beat me down anyway.