Tuesday, December 15, 2015

An Empty Promise, Not A Threat

Next inane fucking iNternet drone who types a "Number of Things/What to Watch For in Tonight's Debate" item is going to find their keyboard shoved right up their ass. Google shows almost two million results for "what to watch for in tonight's debate"; the subject has been covered (in poop) for some time now, & if you've nothing else to type, just return your pudgy fingers to your nasal & other orifices & bugger off, you are (again) boring me to threats of violence, blathering iNternet jagoffs.

Need an "End of My Rope" label. And maybe a "Shut Up, Shut Up, SHUT THE FUCK UP, Redundant Idiot!" one. Save a lot of time & keystrokes.

Other things no one needs to hear: Dullards spewing ignorance while post-morteming the L.A.U.S.D. school shutdown.

And STAR WARS. Enough. Here is George Lucas's best work ('Though I'll admit to likingbeing amused by American Graffiti; no idea if it's withstood the test of time, however.) Electronic Labyrinth THX 1138 4EB, which I (unlike you peasants) saw on Educational Television in '67 or '68. Johnny-come-latelies & Philistines eff off, I was all over his schtick loooong before you were, when he was still good!Speaking of, is Hollywood traffic restored to its regular state of congestion yet?

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