Friday, December 11, 2015

America: Home Of The Brave,
Or Land Of Chickenshit Assholes?

Ignorant & pathetic American pants-pissers to world: "Oh, we're all soooo scared of you savage brutes!"

 Public Religion Research Institute: 
Survey | Nearly Half of Americans Worried That They or Their Family Will Be a Victim of Terrorism

You lousy cowards make me physically nauseous. Are you not willing to die for your country & FREEDUMB?

I will be very, very disappointed if the now almost traditional Friday massacre/shoot-out/spree killing/terrorist atrocity/expression of self-determination/execution of the innocent (Hah!) doesn't come off today. Give the pukes something to be scared of!

All of this web-log's thoughts & prayers are devoted to large-scale radical extremist population reduction having already taken place by the time I wake up tomorrow. If I bother.

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