Monday, November 2, 2015

The Price Of Freedom:
Paranoid Christian Libertarian
W/ A Gun Kills Three

Guess there just weren't enough corpses for anyone to get excited this time.
Saturday morning, neighbors say they watched Harpham go into the square-framed building with a military-style rifle and a can of gasoline.

Harpham came back out with a rifle and a pistol, neighbor Matt Abshire said. He gunned down the first person he encountered, Abshire said: a bicyclist on Prospect Street who died on a curb where flowers now lay.
Other pathologies:
On Thursday, Harpham started his blog and posted a cryptic 1-minute video to YouTube. Pacing his apartment and talking, Harpham says he sent his father, Thomas Harpham, a critique of a sermon by Redding, Calif. non-denominational Christan pastor Bill Johnson, whose 8,000-member Bethel Church teaches congregants to believe in "supernatural revival."

Harpham appears to be agitated that his father, who he said was a follower of Johnson's teachings, hadn't responded. "I've been waiting, waiting and waiting," the pacing Harpham says into the camera.

Harpham's Thursday blog post is entitled "Is my Dad in a Cult, and even worse is it Satanic?"

In his 2013 profile on the dating site, Harpham also discusses his libertarian views.
Murder(s) just waiting to happen. Gawd DAMN America!!

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