Thursday, November 19, 2015

Property Remains Theft, & Working People Can Just Fuck Off

Or so we conclude as rent-seeking parasites increase the suck on Sunset Blvd.:
ECHO PARK — A stroll down Sunset Boulevard through the heart of Echo Park finds many storefronts shuttered behind metal roll down doors. Banners and signs reading “For Lease” and “Available” are draped over several buildings. What’s going on? It’s the most recent phase of Echo Park’s ongoing commercial gentrification, as discount stores, checking cashing outlets and pawn shops give way to tenants catering to a more affluent clientele.

Rents have been climbing and are approaching $4 a square-foot in some choice spots, say real estate brokers. Potential tenants, ranging from Orange County barbershops to local restaurateurs and apparel stores, have been checking out the new available spaces, some of which have been renovated to show off exposed brick walls and soaring bow-truss ceilings. The opening of Lassen’s, a pricey organic foods store, has not only attracted more upscale shoppers to Sunset Boulevard but has also attracted more potential tenants to the area, too.

“Lassen’s is not a cheap market,” said Michael Pakravan with Kennedy Wilson, the brokerage firm that is seeking a tenant for the former Jumbo Bargain discount store. “It says something about the area. It shows that people in the area have money and are willing to spend it [Too damn much of it. - M.B.] for daily needs.”
Michael Pakravan with Kennedy Wilson; mentally challenged, or just another platitudinous asshole? Is there somewhere people have money but are unwilling to spend it on daily needs? (And weekly/monthly needs?) And what about the people who don't have enough money for their daily needs? Huh? What about them, fucking parasite?

A related musical interlude you may enjoy while this reporter steps out for just a moment to toss Molotov cocktails through certain Sunset Blvd. storefronts. No profits for parasites! Death to the fascist insect that preys upon the people!
File under: "Online Threat of the Day".