Friday, October 2, 2015


Can you believe this Kinky Friedman country classic is 42? (It has been an eternity, hasn't it?)
[NB: GRISLY IMAGES in video]Sadly easy to believe it's been 49 yrs. since Charles Whitman* popularized school shootings & massacres (Stabbing his mother & then his wife while she slept before goin' shootin' was not at all original, however.) & that masscree-in'
Mr. Whitman's arsenal
continues unabated to this very day (yesterday, if you're picking nits) in these United Snakes ... uh, lemme check the news before making any final massacre pronouncements.
*This reporter has always feltsincerely believed that having the same legal ("legal" not being the same as real) first (Christian) name as Whitman & having attended Whitman College was absolutely a signal from Gawd in Heaven Above. A signal of what I've no idea, never having been an Eagle Scout or a Marine.


mikey said...

Some pretty good choices, some bafflers. The .30 carbine isn't much use at range, and if you have a .357, what do you need a 9mm for? But the sawed-off shotgun, the Remington 700 in 6mm and the .35 Rem pump rifle are very good choices for a tower-sniper slaughter.

The knife seems weird until you realize he'd already killed his wife with it, so it had to come along...

M. Bouffant said...

Schizos Can't Be Choosers Editor:
Just what many a Texan had around the house/could buy (cheap) at a hardware or surplus store 50 yrs. ago. Maybe a .45 ACP that used to be G.I. too, but otherwise typical.