Tuesday, October 27, 2015


So many yrs. ago no one wishes to remember exact dates, in the mists of time when these United Snakes were only a crypto-fascist nation, the chant of "PIGS OFF CAMPUS" meant university students didn't want the military-industrial complex & other murderous corporate entities recruiting on their campuses.
Ossifer Fields disciplines a student at Spring Valley High for using a mobile 'phone.
Yrs. later, the Age of Irony is over & this is a fully fascist nation where real fascist pigs are all over America's junior & senior high schools, terrorizing the students & transforming what once were disciplinary issues (to be handled by that little Hitler, the vice-principal) to criminality to be handled by the much bigger Hitlers of the criminal justice system.

Congrats to Columbine, Colorado killers Kleebold & Harris for helping to make the schools & society that drove them to madness & murder even more likely to alienate & destroy our young people. Yes, the youth who would indeed be our & your future IF WE WEREN'T GOING TO BE DEAD BEFORE THEIR FUTURE ARRIVES!!! (So what do we care? Après nous le déluge!!)

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mikey said...

The key lesson to be learned from this video is the other kids at their desks. They keep their heads down, and their mouths closed. That's not a rap on them - that's the world we've created for them. Challenge the brutal power and you lose, every single time. You think these kids don't understand that?

It's worth noting that the girl who filmed this...errr...interaction...was also handcuffed and taken to jail. She had the good sense not to resist, and since she was the one recording the abuse there was no one left to record her surrender....