Saturday, October 31, 2015

"Left-Wing Operatives"

[Executive Summary: "Hey loudmouthed asshole, I'll give you a reason to be paranoid!"]

Most recent in the long line of reactionary conservative scum to deny the truth & blame anyone else,
Canadian cretin, Texas turkey & Washington weasel Ted "Droopy" Cruz is currently number one on the M. Bouffant "List of Schmucks Who Need Their Faces PunchedSlapping But Good".

If I thought I could reason w/ him I would, but come on, he's delusional to the point of commitment to a mental health facility, & in my medical opinion, electro-shockconvulsive therapy, uh, fists to the facea few solid slaps would do him more good than any drug regimen. Talk therapy is not suggested either, as the patient simply will not shut his festering gob.

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