Friday, October 9, 2015

Heat Wave & Madness

Diana Ross & The Supremes are as nothing!
(Visitors from beyond: 106°F is 41°C.) Meanwhile, closer to the WEB of EVIL bunker it's alleged to be 101°F, but also alleged to "feel like 97°F". Not going outside to determine anything!

Sadly, Camarillo is no longer an accurate butt of jokes as the Camarillo State Mental Hospital closed in 1997. As if that'd stop me.


mikey said...

Weird. It's only about 75 up here today. Didn't realize there was a heat wave down south.

Also, too. "Klok"?? What the hell kind of gun goes "Klok"?

M. Bouffant said...

99°F As We Type Ed.:
Letterers must express themselves too these days.

The shooter is a (copyrighted) character name of Heatwave; I doubt his rod fires reg'lar projectiles, probably just fires, you know, fire.