Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Federal Buffoonery Initiative

Are these world-class cretins fucking kidding?
Can't wait to find out more about the ten-yr. old smart-ass who managed to scare the living hell out of the pants-pissers at the F.B.I. (An agency still trying to live down its failures to detect or deter the attacks on these United Snakes of 11 September 2001 while George W. Bush was keeping "us" "safe".) w/ a few judicious messages on social media or something. (Is it still possible to make crank calls w/o the Geheime Staatspolizei/L.A.P.D. showing up at one's front door w/in mins.? Asking for a friend.)

On the other hand, false flag operation? Cannonfire reports exactlyabout what I would have typed had I reported or researched anything.
We know about these plans because the FBI has delivered a warning. Oddly, The New York Post was given the scoop before any other news outlet.


Fire up Google and you'll soon discover that the soi-disant National Liberation Militia has no internet presence, except for
this Facebook Page -- which, you will notice, is empty. If it suddenly becomes active, you'll know that you're dealing with an entirely bogus entity.
Then again, had I "reported" I would have reported this on the Fbook page:
This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in,
and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic.
Fucking robots.

Also notable is the name of this horrible threat to the thin blue line of liars. "Militias" aren't interested in "national liberation", they want "freedom" or "liberty" or a White Gawd-fearing America. Now! "National liberation", being leftish & all would be a front or movement, not a militia composed of squirrel-eaters from the hills. This pretty well confirms my theory this was made up by a ten-yr. old or an equally clueless F.B.I. agent.

By the fuck-tuck-tucking way, Feds: Is increasing police trigger-happiness toward anyone sporting a costume this wknd. precisely what you want to accomplish? You seriously want every ossifer responding to a Hallowee'en disturbance jacked up & ready to draw down? The blood will be on your hands, coppers.


Weird Dave said...

(Is it still possible to make crank calls w/o the Geheime Staatspolizei/L.A.P.D. showing up at one's front door w/in mins.? Asking for a friend.)

Go down to Krogers (or WAL*FART or wherever) and get one of their USD$10-20 handsets. Do NOT use a rewards card. Pay cash. Activate phone. Good to go. (Remove battery and dispose of properly when done.)

mikey said...

2 Additional Things:

1.) Wear a cap & sunglasses when you buy it - you WILL be recorded on in-store video

2.) NEVER - SERIOUSLY, NEH VER!!! - put the battery in the phone in your own neighborhood. Your burner will contact and handshake with the nearest cell site even if it is turned off. Wherever it stays 'overnight' is where you live. Only put the battery in the phone after leaving the immediate vicinity of your home....

Larry Harmon said...

Don't worry, Bouff. I won't call the Gestapo/LAPD on you again. I can now tell the difference between hyperbole and reality.