Friday, September 25, 2015

You Old Men Get Off My Lawn
& Out Of My Country!

Basta il Papa already!!

Jesus H. Christ I'm sick & tired of fucking Catholics all over the fucking telebision slurping the Pope. He's a damn nobody, elected by 120 old wretches like himself who were themselves appointed by the previous C.E.O.s of their fascist criminal organization. (Nice work if you can get it, huh?) Not even the stockholders get to vote, so why does anyone pay any attention to any of the crap these old fools spew? These United Snakes are not a Christian nation, & most certainly not a Catholic nation, so get off my tee vee you moronic mystics!!

Lookit this crap: TimeWarnerCable (The whirring sound you hear comes from the graves of "Col." Jack Warner & Henry Luce.) providers of modems that must be re-booted each time the devil-box is turned off & set-top boxes that can't keep a favorites list in their tiny memories established a whole fucking PopeChannel.
At least it will be over by Sunday.

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