Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Worst Landlord In The World Today

Continuing a theme, here's all the evidence we need to comvict every landlord everywhere:
Which is worse, landlordin' or murderin'?
Sure, there's probably at least one who's worse, but this human vermin will do:
Actor and Daytime Emmy-winning producer Andre Bauth, who is behind bars on suspicion of attempted murder, was sued Wednesday by tenants of a building he co-owns and co-manages in Hollywood, with the residents alleging the structure is decaying and in violation of numerous health and safety regulations.

Also named in the Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit was Geoffrey Lichtman, Bauth’s business partner who co-owns and co-manages the building.

The plaintiffs are 18 of the residents of the building, which was described as a historical-cultural monument on Grace Avenue. The lawsuit’s allegations include breach of the warranty of habitability, negligence, retaliation and violations of California Civil Code.

The tenants are seeking compensatory and punitive damages.

Representatives for Bauth and Lichtman could not be immediately reached.

The suit alleges the building is plagued by vermin infestation as well as deteriorated flooring, walls, ceilings and cabinets. Other problems include inadequate fire protection, faulty electrical wires and outlets, inadequate heating and ventilation, improper sewage disposal, deteriorated walls and ceilings, inoperable doors and windows, dysfunctional plumbing systems and dampness, the suit alleges.

The residents complained often, but Bauth and Lichtman did nothing, the suit alleges.

In retaliation, the defendants improperly sought to evict the plaintiffs and also, without warning, forcibly removed their furnishings and personal belongings, the suit alleges.

Bauth, under the name Andre Salaman Bautista, has been charged with attempted murder for allegedly stabbing actor Clayton Haymes, a tenant in his Studio City home on Sept. 8
. Both Bauth and Haymes appeared in the film “El Landlord,”which Bauth produced.

Bauth received his Daytime Emmy for being a producer of the online soap opera series, “The Bay.”

—City News Service

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