Monday, September 7, 2015

... 'Til You're In Your Graves

More blah blah on how fucked you are from lefties too chicken to contemplate or even suggest actual recourse against the feudal aristocracy for all the crimes of humanity's history of exploitation:
And today is hardly even a day of rest for millions of the most precarious and underpaid workers in the country.

For millions of retail workers in the country, of whom only 5 percent are unionized and the median hourly wage is only $10, Labor Day is one of the toughest times of the year.

This year and every year, millions of unprotected retail workers will go to work on Labor Day to earn severely depressed wages. Many will work shifts longer than eight hours.

From its origins as a presidential ploy to its current incarnation as a back-to-school shopping bonanza, Labor Day has little to offer American workers except a badly needed beach day. But May Day celebrates the historical hope for a fundamentally different society — a dream that made American workers some of the most fierce antagonists capitalism has ever faced.

Today isn’t labor’s day. Labor’s day is May 1.
And what actual difference does any of this make? Not George Wallace's proverbial dime's worth of difference, that's what. It's all bullshit & I'm sick & tired of having it up to here therew/, leftists & reactionary moron rightists:
Start shooting or shut up, all of you.

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