Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Raising The Threat Level To Infinity+: Cannibalism!!

For that matter, how do we know this crap isn't Soylent Green?
Former Assemblies of God minister & convicted-&-served-Federal-time felon at it again. Note below: "$3500 plus shipping Tasty New Foods Offer 7 Years of Food for You". The decimal's not missing or misplaced.
Having food during the End Times, Bakker claimed, is not the only benefit of buying his food buckets; in the event that the government collapses for any reason, he said, basic necessities are all that is going to matter. “If the social security checks don’t come, what are you going to do?"* asked Bakker. “The government is already broke! … How can we trust a country that’s broke?”

Bakker explained that although some pastors are urging their congregations not to listen to him, he feels a moral obligation to sell his food buckets: “When you’re huddled in a corner with your grandbaby and they’re screaming and crying and there’s no food – I don’t want that blood on my hands.”

*Hey, waitaminnit!! What kinda talk is that? Extra credit:

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