Friday, September 4, 2015

No Jury Would Convict Me!!

And if it did I'd have its families killed.
Damn right it does. As does waking people up before their time.
Actual targets: The wage-slaves of gentrifying landlord assholes, who cut off electricity around 0845; when the fucking jerks turned the juice on again the carbon monoxide detector woke me w/ its voice chip repeating "Warning: Carbon monoxide" several times. I will gun those motherfuckers down in the halls of this bldg. like the rabid moron vermin they are, just as soon as I've reset all the fucking clocks.

Target the second is the rat bastard who called me at 1045. The cable-box didn't show who it was so I was unable to return the call & advise the caller his or her "life" was now worth a bucket of warm piss, & my inability to strike back has me twice as ready to cut out the s.o.b.'s tongue to ensure he'll NEVER CALL ANYONE ELSE AGAIN, NO MATTER WHAT FUCKING TIME IT IS!!!

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jannydarling said...

First they try to kill you, then wake you up from a sound sleep! I once had a telemarketer call me at 5am. I live on the east coast. where was this person calling? the middle of the Atlantic? England?