Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Losers

This reporter hasn't "worked" one fucking minute (except at breathing & other autonomous actions to which I'd like to put a stop) since August 2006, & I swear I shall never lift another finger for anyone else ever again. (Fucking parasites: Do it yourself, you lazy assholes!)

Meanwhile, the middle class continues to disappear. (Probably just as well, who needs 'em?)

Note to America's working people: If your boss (or landlord) is still breathing, you are a coward & the moral equivalent of a chattel slave, so fuck alla you Yankee losers, & ++fuck all the Confederate losers out there. 150 yrs. of cracker losers. Sad. (How in hell is anyone gonna make a nation of chickenshit losers "great again"?)

Employed losers would do well to remember this truth, & then to do something about it. Help yourselves for a change, let your lazy parasite boss take care of him or herself.

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