Thursday, September 10, 2015

Feud Of The Indeterminate Time Period In Political Entertainment?

Hoping Glenn Beck dismissing Sarah Palin as a clown will be as big as the Jack Benny-Fred Allen feud (of the previous century before any of us were alive). The longer the better; it's not as if these two are running for anything but attention that can be monetized, to use a particularly repugnant recent coinage.
Looks as if Beck read that Trump speaks at a third-grade level. Tough language from a guy whose Palin learning curve was about seven yrs.
Later, Beck had similarly nasty things to say about Donald Trump, who co-headlined the event with Ted Cruz. “I’m telling you, dealing with Donald Trump is like dealing with a third grader. And I’m not dealing with a third grader anymore because the world is on fire,” the host said. “You want to come on the show, great.
You don’t want to come on the show, great. I don’t really care … Enough of the third grade politics.
Grow up, Donald Trump. Grow up.”
Any one else noticing a Zen-like transcendence from G.B.? He seems not to "care" much.

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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

He's just jealous because Trump's an even bigger grifter than he is. Also, why would Trump stoop so low to appear on Beck's internet show when he's got the MSM wrapped around his finger?