Thursday, August 13, 2015

When Do We Start Killing
Defending Ourselves From
The Lying Religious Hypocrites?

Wait a damn minute here; this old fool lied through his fucking teeth concerning fetal tissue research he performed, after whining about "honesty" in reference to the Affordable Care Act? Really, Dr. Ben? Really?
Dr. C. has already violated the "No Lying" Commandment; I think it's time for mesomeone to do what Gawd would do if It existed & start the slaughter of the two-faced. Setting up a PayPal for Ammo account as soon as I locate a suitably unflattering image of the slow-talking, un-thinking Dr. Carson. I mean, look at this crap.
Physician, heal thyself!! Or someone put him in an institution before he hurts himself or others. (This reporter's 10¢ diagnosis is that the retired croaker's slow-talking soft-spoken-ness is due to medication that has [so far] prevented him from manifesting "mental issues" & bizarre Seventh-Day Adventist religious delusion/superstition in ways I shudder to imagine.)

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