Saturday, August 1, 2015

No, Really?

Did no one learn anything from Tail-Gunner Joe?
The chief contrarian at Slate has apparently managed to notice that Republican legislators charged w/ foreign policy aren't all the sharpest tools in the drawer. (Some have been left outside in the weeds for a while & have rusted into inutility.)

This all appears to be a huge surprise to him, & he jes' cain't figger it out:
There’s plenty more I could quote to you. But out of mercy, and in deference to the many dead and retired Republicans who took foreign policy seriously, I’ll stop. This used to be a party that saw America’s leadership of the free world as its highest responsibility. What happened? And why should any of us entrust it with the presidency again?
Perhaps the cretinous/credulous pundits might stop deferring to the dead, the retired & the dead weight of history (Example: Knock off the boilerplate like "saw America’s leadership of the free world as its highest responsibility".) & start dealing w/ what's hapnin' now?

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