Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Musical Study Guide for Previous Item

We'll just fucking see who's Babylon in this scenario, Zombie Death Cultists! You're not the only ones who can prophesy Biblical bullshit from scratchings made thousands of yrs. ago by sun-baked desert nomads, & mebbe some reefer. (Talk about Trump-style "losers": The Good Book was written by homeless scum who could neither find nor afford a huge & classy place to live.)
Steel Pulse - Not King James Version
Junior Byles - King Of Babylon
Trinity - Babylon Them Sick in a Dem Head
Max Romeo - Babylon Burning
Junior Byles - Fade Away b/w Skin, Flesh and Bones - Fadeing Dub
Also these righteous rather than self-righteous fantasies have danceable beats to which you can rock.

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