Thursday, August 20, 2015

Let's Have A WAR!!

But where will it end?
South Korea responds to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's state of war order; South Korea 'will strongly retaliate against any kind of North Korean attacks and the North will have to take all the responsibility for such retaliative actions,' Defense Ministry says - @YonhapNews
While this reporter favors any & all activity that decreases the human population, & destructive acts in general (Because there's too much of your fucking shit & garbage piled on this poor old planet.) in this case I might have to hold off on full approval of returning the Korean Peninsula to the seabed, as I ab-so-fucking-lutely do not need an influx of Korean refugees seeking asylum or whatever w/ their relatives here in ALREADY-CROWDED-W/-SHITHEADS-I-WANT-TO-KILLPUT-OUT-OF-THEIR-(&-MY)-MISERY Korea Town.

Just nuke yourselves to death on your side of the world, you fucking morons. And don't just be teasing me w/ big talk & no action, either, bitches! I'll start a fucking war myself if y'all are too chickenshit!!

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