Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fifty Years Ago Today-ish In Time!

Several thousand words' worth.
Image: Harry Benson.
Interesting. You only see property (buildings) on fire. No civilians, except a few being arrested. No anger or suffering. Some of the shots of the military and the police are apparently staged. Everything is reduced to graphics and stick figures seen at a distance. The narration is contentious fascist propaganda. [YouTube comment from a different upload.]
The aftermath of the Watts Riots, August 1965. Photo: Los Angeles Times Staff Photographer.
Copyright 2005, Los Angeles Times. Reprinted with Permission.
A former Norm's? Found here:

Make Art Not War: Watts and the Junk Art Conversation

May interest aesthetes. Hell, it even starts w/ Pynchon.
Only months after publishing The Crying of Lot 49, Thomas Pynchon wrote an account of life in Watts for the New York Times Magazine. ¹ On May 7, 1966, a Los Angeles police officer had shot and killed Leonard Deadwyler, a black man whose name could easily have been plucked from Pynchon’s novel. Ruled an “accident,” Deadwyler’s death was salt in the wound of a neighborhood still smarting from its last fight with the cops.

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