Monday, August 17, 2015

"Ever hear a comedian shit on
the American Dream at a Wal★Mart shareholders meeting?"

Nice rant on what can & can't be said in these allegedly-p. c. United Snakes, in reaction to recent horseshit typed for The Atlantic. No Atlantic link because fuck them (& pretty much everything else under the sun, moon or stars).
Which brings me back to the Lukianoff/Haidt piece and its insulting thesis that college campuses are incubators for mental illness and emotional fragility because they make students hypersensitive to oppression – ignoring that the entire rest of the world is a hypersensitive minefield ready to blow the fuck up when you so much as mention the concept of oppression.


They’re treating the oppressive culture of “political correctness” that silences dissent and enforces conformity that we have always had as normal and sane, and treating the resistance to it – the flawed attempt to come up with new social norms that comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable instead of vice versa – as though it’s the real sickness.

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