Thursday, August 13, 2015

Are There No Laws?

Where Are The Speech Police?

Were there such a thing they'd have taken J.E.B.! Bush into custody for lying through his damn teeth some time ago.
Not an att'y. (Evil, yes. Not that evil.) but couldn't bald-faced lying on national telebision be prosecuted as a form of wire fraud or something? And while wire fraud may be a matter of interpretation, I know damn well transmitting "false or fraudulent signals of distress" is criminal (47 U.S. Code § 325 - False, fraudulent, or unauthorized transmissions); shouldn't every ninny declaring the imminent end of Western Civilization because [Insert paranoid delusion about The Others here] be arrested for something? Esp. if, like this shitheel (via M.P.S.) they were never rehabilitated & are still grubbing money by straight-up idiocy?I read there are literally zillions of un-employed lawyers out there; can't any of them do a little pro bono for their nation & sue some of these bastrds off the air/out of the campaign? Bush has enough campaign funds it might be worth a class-action suit right there.

Yeah, I'm sure there's some damn precedent involving the First Amendment, yada fucking yada, but whatever excuse is used is bullshit. If mere commercial speech is regulated why should these prevaricating politicians be allowed to get away w/ anything short of the truth? Public funding & prison for lying, or your democracy is a joke.

I effing hate this shit: Only wanted to call rat bastrad J.E.B.! Bush a damn liar (so lazy I just twitted & copied it, as you can see) but no, I had to have a clever (but ultimately useless, because the system will never change) idea, involving research & linking & ...

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