Friday, August 21, 2015

American Idjits, Part The Whatever: “There is no more California”

Now go home!

Beyond Trumperdome

Posted on August 22, 2015 by Michael Froomkin
This kind of talk, from a WashPo piece quoting supporters at yesterday’s rally, is what powers the Trump machine:
Cheryl Burns, 60, was on a road trip from California when she heard that Trump would be in Alabama. She turned her car around and got in line, warning people of what happened to states when liberals took them over.

“There is no more California,” Burns said. “It’s now international, lawless territory. Everything is up for grabs. Illegal aliens are murdering people there. People are being raped. Trump isn’t lying about anything — the rest of the country just hasn’t found out yet.”

As a big fan of It Can’t Happen Here, I’m always alert for those brown [shirt?] signals, but I didn’t find nearly as strong signal in the actions of a couple of thugs (so long as it remains just a couple…) as I do in quotes like the one above. If large numbers of voters are living a reality-distortion zone in which California is now Mad Max land, anything is possible.
Yep, California is a living hell, & no one wants to live here anymore.

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