Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Yesterday In Elected Republican Office-Holders

Flags & fags, Stalin, slavery & sin, cakes & queers, brew & 'bortions: Connect the dots, sheeple!!
South Carolina state Sen. Lee Bright, the top Tea Party challenger to Sen. Lindsey Graham in last year’s Republican primary and now a state co-chair of Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign took to the floor of the state senate today to urge legislators to focus not on removing the Confederate flag from state grounds but to instead confront the “national sin” of marriage equality.


In an email urging his supporters to sign a petition supporting the Confederate flag last week, Bright defended the flag as a symbol of the “brave Confederates” who “made a bold stand against an oppressive government that far overstepped its Constitutional limits” and of “a culture that values freedom, even in the face of federal tyranny.”
Right you are, freedom is chattel slavery!A link to another item that stole all the links & whatnot from Raw Story (we guess, although not w interest or concern) as Right Wing Watch did, & a subject specific breakdown of what this delusional d-word (there are so many d-words, why differentiate?) was on about.
The prosecution rests.

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