Friday, June 26, 2015

Words Of Warning To Middle-Class Sheep/Pigs Seeking "Legitimacy"
From A Corrupt & Evil Society

Marriage, like the family, is a corrupt bourgeois institution. Do not participate.
Frankly, you pathetic squares & brain-dead sheep, whatever your sexual orientation (Mine is who fucking cares about it? It's pointless & boring.) if you think you need a piece of paper from the gummint telling you w/ whom you may or may not fuck, visit in the hospital or own "property", you've already lost! The truly decent & rational thing would be to outlaw marriage & civil unions entirely. 150 yrs. after the end of the Civil War, don't allow yourselves to be enslaved to bullshit morality. Neither property nor privilege shall be honored!

You can file this one under "Whatever it is, I'm against it!!"

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