Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Will You Join Me In
Killing A Landlord Or Two?

A fourth floor balcony rests on the balcony below
after collapsing at the Library Gardens apartment complex in Berkeley
More: Library Gardens apartment complex, where fatal balcony collapse occurred, had maintenance issues; 2010 Yelp review described a leaking hole that 'turned into huge gaping hole' - @sherrifflucy
And of course Landlord Donald Trump, who should have been dead 20, 30 yrs. ago, minimum.

Also, the Strangers on a Train approach: You kill my landlord, I kill yours, no one's ever the wiser.

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mikey said...

Very interesting lesson learned in Grozny, Chechnya. See, Putin set out to prove he was the strong man that could hold the Russian Union together in the 21st century, so he shelled, bombed and flattened Grozny into sixteen square miles of rubble. But here's the thing. With the whole world watching, they discovered what they created was an infinite cascading collection of hardened fighting position. The irregular rubble made a perfect defensive urban combat environment. Sure, we learned that in Leningrad, and we learned that in Berlin, and we learned that in Falluja, but we REALLY learned that in Grozny. Infrastructure has immense value in a functioning society, but in the midst of revolution there's nothing more valuable than crumbling infrastructure.

Give me a bombed out city and I'll hold it forever...