Monday, June 1, 2015

White Squares

Talking 'bout YOU, audience ... no wait, talkin' bout stuff as what people ain't never heard nothin' 'bout nohow, never:
"White squares indicate sources that are known by less than 40% of respondents in that generation".
Still a confederacy of dunces.
I will freely admit to not reading The Economist that often, but at least I've effing heard of it.

And this millennial generation about which I hear so much (Not listening 'though!!) know so little & care even less: Are these little shits now actually old enough to have graduated & obtained jobs? Yeah, sure, tomorrow will belong to them, for a few blinks of the cosmic eye, but if the future is full of them I certainly have no interest in it!

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Weird Dave said...

Yes. Yes I am.