Friday, June 26, 2015

Vaterland Security Blows It Again

The cretins in the gov't. warn us to watch for ISIS/ISIL terror next wknd., yet didn't mention the much more distinct possibility of home grown all-American racist homo-haters going nuts in the wake of recent SCOTUS decisions & Slaver Flag removals & killing anyone who isn't a member of the Council of Christian Crackers.

This reporter was half-surprised (& half-disappointed) there wasn't an attack on President Corporate Consensus-Seeker when he was in Charleston today. Maybe the crazed crackers haven't had time to get their shit together. Yet.

20 Mins. Later: Digby on why the reactionaries are unwilling to face the evils they've created.

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mikey said...

The key here is that Americans are not predisposed to suicide attacks. Might have to do with with the Christianist's unwillingness to promise dozens of virgins - the risk/reward calculation just isn't as high. And you know how much firepower surrounds POTUS these days - you might get in and get your shot, but you're going to be shredded the moment after you take it.

I think they're probably just waiting to get their hands on a drone with a decent range/payload specification...