Saturday, June 20, 2015

The South Will Rinse Again

Bikers on a "love ride" for charity?
Noting that even a human simulacrum like Mittens Romney were taking the brave stand of having a flunky Tweet that just maybe the Stars & Bars should not be flying in front of the South Carolina statehouse (avoiding mention of any of the other loser states that fly or otherwise incorporate the Dixie Swastika into their flags) A Thought occurred. To me.

Then someone else on the iNternet had the same Thought (also A Fear) & expressed it about as well I could have, if a bit more temperately, saving me the trouble of organizing my Thought & typing it coherently:
... witness the extraordinary somersaults that some politicians and pundits have gone to, trying to deny that Dylan Storm Roof — you know, the guy with the racist manifesto who announced he wanted to kill blacks — was motivated by race. My fear is that if the Confederate Flag is taken down, all the folks who need to face the reality of racism will say, "But we eradicated racism! We took down those flags!"

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