Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Telling It Like It Is: Another Turd Drops In G.O.P. Punch Bowl

Typical Republican, drinking from the ladle of a silver bowl. She'll be sorry.
Surprised grotesque gargantua Chris Christie didn't displace all the piss punch in the Grand Old Punchbowl when he jumped in. Because he is a fat slob, & therefore weak & unable to control himself.

Every Republican candidate is a literal asshole, a revolting & contemptible jerk whose personality defects, paranoid delusions & twisted minds are clearly defined by in the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of the head shrinkers. And they all suffer from delusions of adequacy.

Tough-talking walking bullshit, every one. They'll show ISIS!! Like hell. Give this reporter five minutes alone w/ any of these feudalist theocrats & I'll rip their lying tongues from their weasel mouths in a demonstration of just how "tough" they really are. Seriously, there is not a one of these posing fairies I couldn't or wouldn't take in a fair fight.

And fuck Bruce Springsteen & his bogus pseudo-Spectorian music to hell. Give me ten mins. of music instruction w/ him, I'll break every one of his strum-you-to-dullness fingers & shove 'em down his anthem-howling throat. Insufferable hack.

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