Thursday, June 18, 2015

Something Else Rotten
In The State Of SoCar

Editor's note: The Confederate flag at the South Carolina Statehouse in Columbia remains at full mast despite the state and U.S. flag being lowered in mourning of the Charleston church shooting victims, The Post and Courier reports. Officials say the flag has not been lowered because "its status is outlined, by law, as being under the protected purview of the full S.C. Legislature, which controls if and when it comes down," the newspaper reports. The Confederate flag is seen as a symbol of slavery and post-Civil War white supremacy by many, while others argue it represents southern heritage and a way to honor those who fought in the Civil War. The shooting in Charleston is being investigated as a hate crime by the U.S. Department of Justice.
Would lowering it in mourning somehow dishonor the heritage (Not hate!) of the traitors who so bravely fought for the freedom & liberty to keep humans as chattel slaves? Or am I overthinking this?

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