Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cracker Barrel Philosophy

Not racist!!!
Say, why are we supporting the Republican Party, a cracker asks:
The GOP has a very different outlook. We value White identity. The GOP condemns White identity. We value Southern identity. The GOP condemns Southern identity. We want to preserve the White race, and the South, as a trust and a solemn obligation to future generations. It is something we see as a moral and religious duty. In contrast, the GOP has no objection to replacing our people, so long as a head of lettuce is a few cents cheaper or nannies and pool boys are more affordable.

To the Republican Party, the United States is nothing more than a marketplace, an economy, or a shopping mall. Presiding over this economy, which they call our “nation,” is a monied class of billionaires and multimillionaires who are distinguished by nothing but their devotion to avarice, and the GOP exists to ensure that their pampered lives are made a little bit easier, and that they will pay less in taxes, less in wages to their workers, and put up with fewer annoying government regulations.

Although the Republican Party claims to support “Christianity” and “values,” it is the party of Larry Craig, Mark Foley, and as we recently found out, Dennis Hastert. In South Carolina, the Republican Party is the party of former Gov. Mark Sanford, who abandoned his wife to run off with his Argentine mistress. Why would such a party make any serious effort to conserve traditional Christian values?

As Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal have recently shown, and as Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian remind us every week, the Republican Party is incapable of preserving traditional values, civility, or even America’s tenuous grasp on reality. Republican electoral victories have translated into nothing but cultural debasement. These spree shootings are a constant reminder of how the Republican Party has failed to preserve “values.”
LATER: What the hell, let's look at (at least link to) someone who's now proud to be a Republican:

Republican Senator’s Adviser Formerly Served As Editor Of Neo-Confederate Magazine

One of South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham’s longtime advisers was the editor-in-chief of a neo-Confederate magazine — a magazine Graham gave an interview to in 1999. In an interview with BuzzFeed News, the adviser disavows his former views.
Plenty of drooling examples from his "disavowed" views nonetheless.

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