Monday, June 8, 2015

Are You An Internet Chump?

Don't be a sucker like most Americans:
Along with The Netherlands, the German market is the one most affected by the ad blocking phenomenon. There, ad block use approaches 40% of the internet population. The reasons for the epidemic are unclear, but two elements are likely to play a role. First, AdBlock Plus (ABP), the most popular ad blocking software, has its roots in Cologne. Second, a cultural factor: German opposition to online advertising that manifests itself in the government’s obsessive anti-Google stance pushed by large media conglomerates such as Axel Springer SE.

In France too, ad blocking use is on the rise: about 30% of Gallic internet users are said to have installed extensions that remove banners and other modules; and the Millennials segment (born in 1980-2000) is twice more likely to use an ad blocker. The worst hit are Gaming sites with 80% to 90% of their views deprived of ads. More broadly, the more technophile an audience is, the more likely it is to resort to an ad blocking product.

The US market seems the less affected with 15%-17% of the internet population, again on average, using an ad blocking extension. Among the Millennials, the share is said to be twice the average. The UK is said to experience the same pattern.
C'mon people, get w/ it. Krauts & Frogs are looking better than we are. I was already ashamed of being seen on the same continent w/ y'all.

No more excuses, now you've two options.
[I]n February of this year, competition set in: A previously unknown group of Canadian developers introduced uBlock, a new generation of ad blockers, reported to be faster, with a smaller memory footprint than Eyeo’s extension. Both are now available on every browser and OS.
We've had no complaints w/ AdBlock other than the occasional bullshit begging from the greedy.

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

My laptop with XP and only 2GB of memory starting choking on Adblock Plus. (I usually have two windows with multiple tabs open, too.)

Anyways, I switched to uBlock. Much faster (albeit with less individual control over the elements blocked).