Saturday, June 20, 2015

America & Mental Health

Shooter's stepmother had the All-American answer to the madness, hate & race paranoia of her stepson: Get a job!
Would the next genius suggestion have been to join the Army to become a better killer? Most people simply don't fucking understand anything, do they?
Mann said Roof also had some obsessive tendencies like germaphobia, and maintained a bowl cut that she first gave him when he was 3.

"He would fixate on things. His dad tried to help him. His mother tried to help him. We all really tried to help him," she said.

Mann and Roof's father, Ben, are divorced, but she said he and Roof's mother were concerned about him and urged him to get a job.

But the family didn't see warning signs that he would commit such a brutal act, mostly because Roof was a "sweet kid," Mann said. She said she released a childhood photo of Roof to NBC News because "I just want to show you that he had a good family."
Your little blonde angel could snap at any minute too, breeders. I did.
Mann described her former stepson as "very smart — too smart," and said that he was "bored in advanced classes" in school.
This reporter knows from being too smart for one's own good: It's a recipe for trouble when trapped among the depressingly ordinary/normal; I can't imagine the agony of being caught in a confederacy of dunces infected w/ huge scary Negroes trying to kill all the White People.

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