Monday, May 4, 2015

Too Much Imitator

The late Jacob Miller's birthday today (in 1952, d. 2 March 1980).

Jacob Miller RARE ~ Too Much Imitator / Imitator Dub Tenement Yard Riddim

Two that resonate w/ this reporter.

Jacob Miller - Fire a Go Burn

This one especially:

Jacob Miller - Tenement Yard

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mikey said...

When I saw the link I thought it said "Too much initiator", and I thought you were building IEDs. So I clicked right over to see if I could help.

You just want to get the primary to blow, you don't want to blow up your own device n shit. So yeah, if you can't get your hands on a righteous detonator, you need to be careful with the primacord or black powder you use as an initiator, especially if your primary is ANFO...