Sunday, May 10, 2015

Rotten Boroughs

Democracy continues to be a joke. An old joke. Yet the sheep keep laughing.
The UKIP managed to get only 1 seat for almost 3.9 million votes. To put that in perspective, the Conservatives won an outright majority of 331 seats with 11.3 million votes. And Labour got 232 seats with 9.3 million votes. Another way to look at it is that UKIP got almost as many votes as the triumphant Scots Nationalists and the shattered Liberal Democrats combined.
For this we saved Edward, Emperor of India, & his in-bred progeny from Hitler? How would things have been any different had we let them surrender to their Nazi soulmates? Wouldn't have been a dime's worth of difference, that's how different things would have been.

(Stop pretending & wise the fuck up: Nothing makes any fucking difference whatsoever. Entropy will reduce all to sub-atomic particles moving pointlessly in the nothing, if it hasn't already. How could you tell, anyway?)

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