Monday, May 18, 2015

Pot Of Shit Calls Kettle Hot

Racist Tribble-pedestal Rand Paul, Republican Senator from KY, has conveniently forgotten his father's record of racism during the Clinton Admin. & before, but he remembers all about Bill Clinton (also forgetting which party has been the representative of "law & order" since disgraced Pres. Dickie "Silent But Racist Majority" Nixon) personally locking up all the Negroes:
“I’ll ask Hillary Clinton, what have you done for criminal justice? Your husband passed all the laws that put a generation of black men in prison. Her husband was responsible for that,” he said.
Sen. Paul's solution? Three guesses:
“I’ll also ask her what she’s going to do for poor people in Philadelphia. I have a specific plan that would dramatically lower the taxes for people who live in zip codes of poverty and high unemployment. I would leave billions of dollars in Philadelphia over 10 years. What’s Hillary Clinton going to do?” he said.
Apparently he's also forgotten that crap never works.

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