Saturday, May 16, 2015

It All Started At A Little
100,000-Watt Radio Station In Texas

Where "it" is a "career" in radio. Volunteered at KPFT sometime in the spring of 1971, mere months after the station's 100,000-watt xmitter was blowed up real good by the Klan, twice, 45 yrs. ago.
Something useful from Wikipedia!
Dorothy ("Modern American Music") Shell(e)y there kept several hundred discs in the studio, all of them shelved behind pad-locked metal bars so none of the hippies could steal them.

And a so-belated-it's-posthumous shout-out to Larry Lee, KPFT's founder/G.M., also seen in the pixelated film above, whose suggestion I volunteer pretty much put me on the road to hell.

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