Sunday, May 31, 2015

Germs Great Pat Smear, Fat & Happy

Today-ish, second from right, lips together. (Dental trouble?)
"Brush w/ Greatness", since it's Letterman-related: One night in 1979 in front of Blackie's, a dark narrow hole-in-the-wall (& sadly long-gone) dive on La Brea south of Sunset where I'd just seen FEAR or the Angry Samoans (Or both? Two different gigs? I know the first time I saw The Mentors [W/ FEAR? No?] was there, so maybe ... anyhoo ...) a scrawnier & bottle-blonde Mr. Smear, riding shotgun w/ someone, committed a drive-by beer-bottling in the general direction of the musical aficionados hanging on the sidewalk. He wasn't actually aiming at any of us nor throwing hard, but it did land closest to me.

Blackie's was a fun dump (& w/in walking & staggering, if not crawling distance, of home); at one gig there (All a blur now; same one?) someone lit the dumpster in the alley on fire. No one ever did that in the alley behind the Troub.

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