Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dumb Broads

At least wear a sports jacket, dudes!

Shallow, surface-oriented Heather Robinson types at the New York Post:
Is it possible that some of the wild enthusiasm for “Mad Men” among viewers stems from a yearning for the satisfaction and sexiness of traditional sex roles, including chivalry?

“When I watch ‘Mad Men,’ I think, ‘Wouldn’t it have been great to date a man who knows what he likes to drink, who pulls out the chair, who dresses up and is clean shaven and at least wears a sport jacket?’ It’s sexy,” said Notkin.

“Although in many ways he’s despicable, in certain ways many of us find Don Draper attractive,” Notkin said, adding that the character Joan — the office bombshell — resonates with some female viewers because “we are craving the power of our femininity.”

Ultimately most women want equality with men, and value the increased legal protection from sexual harassment in the workplace of the type dramatized in “Mad Men.”

After hours, though, some of us long for men who can treat us not only as equals to be respected, but as women to be desired — and cherished.

Have we become madwomen to consider anything less?
"Special but equal?"

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mikey said...

ProTip: We weren't charming and polite because we respected or cherished women. It was long established as the most effective tactical doctrine for gaining access to their nether regions. If it meant dressing up and shaving that was fine, as long as we got those panties off before sunrise...