Monday, May 25, 2015

Corporate Droning From A Triangulating Turkey

Click here to see why (PROFIT!!) that greedy sow is so proud.

9) However, Walmart does care about rich people

In 2013, the Walton family received $8 billion in tax breaks, $6.2 billion of which came from federal taxpayer subsidies handed to them because employee wages are so low. Currently, the company is also hosting $21.4 billion in offshore accounts, which remain untaxed by the U.S. government. And in 2014, as Walmart failed to meet shareholder expectations, the company somehow managed to dig up enough money to give its CEO a $1.5 million bonus for performing poorly at his job.

Walmart isn’t just greedy. The company is the epitome of greed. As its overworked and underpaid employees struggle to make ends meet, Walmart's top brass make billions, even as stock is dropping. Everything about the company is capitalism at its worst.

10) The chain has a deceptive public image

Walmart’s universal reputation as the "bad guys" stings that much more as the company keeps trying to remind us how good it is.

Take their OUR Walmart initiative, which attempts to silence dissenters with positive representations of the company, even as workers flood the Internet with their personal horror stories. Or the Walmart Foundation’s initiative to "fight hunger," while their own employees go hungry, spending $300 million in taxpayer money on food stamps. Or how about its campaign telling you to "buy American," even while the company's new uniforms were made in Jordan.

This is just a friendly reminder that Walmart is terrible. Call it a public service announcement: Don’t shop there. Don’t work there if you can help it. And if you do have to work there, don’t expect to be treated well. Get out while you can, before Walmart takes your spirit, your health, and your dignity.

If Walmart's ugly practices are a cycle of power and abuse, there's only one way to break it. And that starts with you.
[And explosives. — M.B.]
Have this woman & her husband Cletus been the most successful self-enrichers in all of American politics ever? She was a stupid middle-class pig ("I won't let animals like that near me!") he was a lower-class pig & neither of them had anything when they started. Scholarship students, right?

So how'd they get all the money? Not even by deluding America's already-impoverished morons w/ fear-mongering, Sarah Palin-yada yada style. Nope, all Bill & Hill had to do was set up under the corporate trough & wallow.

Do you smell bacon? And toast?

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