Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Telebision Skies

You could sprain your finger scrolling/whacking the PGDN button but here's some historya possibly interesting recap of America & its anchors (which we've only scrolled through, to confirm the length) the thesis being neither Brian Williams or any of the other hair-dos on the once-Big Three's nightly news programs mean shit in today's modern world of you-know-what.
The strain of all-American humbug baked into television anchoring from the start has often been obscured by the industry’s penchant for self-mythologizing.
This reporter has been an inquiring mind since he can remember, & therefore had little choice beyond watching these defectives once they stopped running newsreels in cinemas, but it had been a good while since he'd been a regular viewer. Indeed, he realized he hadn't found it necessary to watch stuff any idiot w/ a US$50.00 b&w tee vee & a length of wire could grab from the ether since Hurricane Katrina hit N'Awlins almost 10 yrs. ago. (Not long after that what was left of this reporter's life started to fall apart, & he got broadband.) Hell, we couldn't tell you who anchors ABC World News Tonight. (Don't watch any broadcast network product via the iNternet either.)

Our theory would be that the literate turned to the iNternet & slack-jawed consumers of telebision were freed by the gaudy spectacle of cable from having to watch the news delivered by Walter Cronkite, Huntley & Brinkley or whoever was on A.B.C. in a three-station (if you were lucky) D.M.A. every night of the wk.

There, saved you the bother.

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