Sunday, April 19, 2015

G.O. Pepsi: For Those Who Think Old

Noted previously:
Indeed, the Rubio team’s assuredness about his youthful appeal may come from the fact that they’re all in Florida. Winning “the youth vote” in Florida amounts to sweeping the retirement communities rather than the nursing homes.
Also from inside the bubble (& also from the Daily Beast):
Heroin overdose has stalked the region around parts of New Hampshire and Vermont. All the politicians gathered at the Crowne Plaza Hotel for the First-in-the-Nation Republican Leadership Summit came prepared to discuss how lethal, how dangerous, ISIS was but there was no mention of the life-destroying availability of a drug that has flooded parts of the nation they seek to lead.
In their defense, were they to face that they'd have to admit there's something very wrong w/ these United Snakes.

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mikey said...

And at some point, shouldn't they have to support their theory that ISIS is a 'threat' to the US with, oh, I dunno, some evidence or something?