Wednesday, April 1, 2015

General Rule Dep't.

If you're like me (sorry if you are) you'll be amused by these losers possibly audibly, esp. the comments (Dreher isn't that funny.) many of which are from sensible people shaking their heads at the would-be martyrs who are now convinced by the idiots in Indiana that they'll have to hole up in the hills for a few generations a-fore it's safe to come down a'gin*. In a nation in which upwards of 70% of the sheep polled claimed to be Christian.

Or this sort of thing:
Rombald says:
March 31, 2015 at 8:10 pm
I’ve been in favour of same-sex civil marriage since I first heard it suggested, back when it was a nutsoid idea, maybe 30 years ago.

That wasn’t me being pro-gay – as a general rule I take a dislike to gays as soon as I meet them – but because it is so obviously fair. However, after having seen the viciousness of the gay-activist will to persecute, even the recriminalisation of homosexuality would not offend me.
Oh, I'm sure it wouldn't.
*This reporter's prescient: Nation of sheep/Tell me whatcha gonna do/When the Commies & the homos come lookin' for you? (A rhetorical question in 1984.)

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