Monday, April 13, 2015

Dr. Freud, Paging Dr. Freud

“Suddenly, I just became a huge mainstream celebrity in the intellectual world,” says D’Souza, who was inundated with speaking invitations. He also became a hot commodity among blonde conservatives. After dating Laura Ingraham and then Ann Coulter, he found the ultimate prize in Dixie Brubaker, a beautiful blonde from a conservative California family, whom he had met while working in the White House; they married in 1992. D’Souza admits, “It was my mission to marry the all-American girl.”
Draw your own conclusions, fellow psychologists. (Points for working "anti-colonial rage" into your conclusions.)


Yastreblyansky said...

I wrote that up already, one blonde ahead of your list. Just saying.

M. Bouffant said...

Excuses, Excuses Editor:
I am entirely too busy, lazy (or curled in a ball under my cot whimpering) to keep up. Had the VF thing open for several days before even scanning it.