Friday, April 3, 2015

Death To The Fascist Insect
That Preys Upon The People II:
Ted Cruz & Jesus Boo-ga-loo

Hey, a headline that applies to virtually all news & information in today's age of religious fascism, theo-fascism & theocracy. (Not to mention corporatocracy. And kleptocracy. And the G.O.P. griftocracy.) Only 30 secs. Enjoy!Judging from what we've heard of Ted's father, Ted & these United Snakes would've been a lot better off w/o the old shithead's influence & the "transformative love of Jesus". ("Transformative love" sounds as if Jesus turned Ted gay, but whatever. However, do take note of the Chief Justice Roberts-style "ideal" family. Someone could ask Mrs. Cruz's opinion [If Ted allows her to have one, which is against the Bible, you know.] of what Jesus said about bankers like her, too.)

Stolen frompotted at MPS. We wanted to be meaner. Hell, we want to punch that sad sack's saggy damn face enough for it to stop looking so saggy. (Just swollen.)

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