Thursday, April 9, 2015

America's Armed & Angry:
"I'm Pissed, I'm Raging"

There's a (would-be) killer on the road ...
Roughly 22 million Americans -- 8.9 percent of the adult population-- have impulsive anger issues and easy access to guns. 3.7 million of these angry gun owners routinely carry their guns in public. And very few of them are subject to current mental health-based gun ownership restrictions.

Those are the key findings of a new study by researchers from Harvard, Columbia and Duke University. "Anger," in this study, doesn't simply mean garden-variety aggravation. It means explosive, uncontrollable rage, as measured by responses to the National Comorbidity Survey Replication in the early 2000s. It is "impulsive, out of control, destructive, harmful," lead author Jeffrey Swanson of Duke University said in an interview. "You and I might shout. These individuals break and smash things and get into physical fights, punch someone in the nose."

Angry people with guns are typically young or middle-aged men, according to Swanson's research. They're likely to be married, and to live in suburban areas. In a recent op-ed, Swanson and a co-author point to Craig Stephen Hicks, a North Carolina man who "had frightened neighbors with his rages and had a cache of fourteen firearms" and who shot three Muslim students earlier this year, as a quintessential example of an enraged gun owner.

"To have gun violence you need two things: a gun and a dangerous person," Swanson says. "We can't broadly limit legal access to guns, so we have to focus on the dangerous people." Taken at face value this isn't a controversial claim. After all, guns don't kill people, people kill people, as gun rights advocates are fond of saying.
At least I'm old, single & live in the city. Funny, you'd think that being a bitter fucking non-participant in your pig society would lead to more anger than being a married square in the suburbs, but it would appear marriage & suburban living are not good for you, no matter what the theocrats & socio-cultural reactionaries will tell you at the drop of a hat. Wrong again, victims of delusion & religious bullshit.


mikey said...

I carried a gun constantly for over twenty years. It never, ever, even once occurred to me to pull it or use it on an unarmed person. I got in bar fights with a gun and just left it in my holster throughout.

I guess I don't have these suburban husband 'anger issues'. I was much more likely to go to my gun out of fear than out of rage. If you pissed me off, you might get a pool cue across the shins, but I wasn't going to kill you.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

That's good, mikey. Unfortunately, our country is full of gun owners who shoot people.

It's another thing that separates from civilized places that have things like universal healthcare coverage.

Weird Dave said...

Who you calling civilized hippie?