Monday, March 2, 2015

Why We Hate, Cont'd.

Another county heard from. And the message is, everything's made of shit & we're all dying. (In case you haven't noticed.):
When the best and brightest are chained to a monthly loan payment that leaves them just enough for food, housing and some minor consumer distraction to get them back on the hamster wheel, they’re never really going to do anything about global warming, or Ebola, or Syria, or poverty, or hunger, or the war in the Congo that killed 5.4 million people while no one was paying attention. Those things will exist on Twitter, where great ideas, thought up in stolen moments at work, go to shrink and die.

And that’s where the news business seems to be headed. Readers often ask me what happened to Mr. Fish. I’ll tell you. The Truthdig contributor, who has been called an artistic genius by some, used to make a living selling his prize-winning cartoons to news outlets and other buyers. The author of multiple books and curator of an exhibition on the subject, he is possibly one of the nation’s leading experts on editorial cartooning. He also works for Whole Foods. Je suis Charlie.
Now are you ready to give the fuck up & start shooting, or will you just keep taking it?

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